The pitch began in 2006 and levitated as the result of viral online videos, word of mouth through yoga classes, and appearances on Oprah. The dissatisfied were open to being sold on the idea of how they could become happy and procure all they ever wanted.

The Secret, perhaps the hugest marketing phenomenon of modern times, was the simplest how-to: express gratitude, be positive, and meditate on your wishes until they’ve occurred. Since first released The Secret has become available in young adult, audio and film versions, and various offshoots like The Power and The Magic.

At the center of it all is The Law of Attraction.

This Law was also a phenomenon of the 19th century when a “New Thought” movement meted out the success stories in magazines and many dozens of books, as it is done today. The Secret’s author Rhonda Byrne lets on that she got the idea from a New Thought movement author with the unfortunate name Wallace Wattles.

But the source of these ideas goes a couple millennia further than Mr. Wattles, back to the time of the “Emerald Tablet,” Hermes Trismegistus and Hermetic thought, thousands of mystical years ago.

So, might you ask, does this Law of Attraction work?

Of course it does. Being optimistic and having a more positive frame of mind is certainly more attractive to others than self-sabotaging and unpleasant negative nabobism.

The background on all this, from the ancient wisdom to the modern con man is revealed in The Secret Source: The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages by Maja D’Aoust and yours truly.

The Secret Source was originally published in 2007 with a paperback edition, and now it’s been released in an attractive hardcover edition with further material on Sex Magic of the 19th Century.

And who better to tell you about Sex Magic than the delightful and beautiful white magician Maja D’Aoust! See and believe!

Beast wishes,
Adam Parfrey