Don’t forget to come to this amazing Feral/Process event in Austin. There will be a full moon for this one:

Adam Parfrey, Jodi Wille, Isis Aquarian & Electricity Aquarian

A reading, presentation and discussion about secret societies, cults, Father Yod, The Source Family and YaHoWa13, The Law of Attraction, sex magic and much more…

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Domy Books – Austin
913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702, FREE

6–7:30pm Jodi Wille, Isis Aquarian & Electricity Aquarian
7:45–9pm Adam Parfrey

Jodi Wille’s documentary on The Source Family will premiere on Sunday, March 11:

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Ritual America:
Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society, A Visual Guide
by Adam Parfrey and Craig Heimbichner
Feral House, 2012

The influence of fraternal brotherhoods on this country is vast, somewhat maniacal, and hidden in plain view. Not long ago, as many as one-third of America belonged to a secret society. And though fezzes and tiny car parades are almost a thing of the past, the Gnostic beliefs of Masonic orders are now so much a part of the American mind that the surrounding pomp and circumstance has become faintly unnecessary.


The Source:
The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13,
and The Source Family
by Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian
Process Books, 2007

1972, it’s a time of social upheaval, radical fervor, and the rise of new religions and communes across the country. The Source Family considers themselves an “Aquarian tribe,” a secretive but outlandish group of 140 beautiful people who stroll Los Angeles in colorful robes and diaphanous gowns, devotees of a controversial Hollywood restaurateur-turned-spiritual leader who has 14 wives, drives a Rolls Royce, has hands registered as lethal weapons, fronts his own rock band, and calls himself “Father Yod.”

The Family are local legends. By day, they operate the Source restaurant on the Sunset Strip, which serves organic cuisine to John Lennon, Warren Beatty, the Laurel Canyon musicians, and many influential figures of the time. With its vegetarian, natural, seasonal menu, The Source becomes wildly popular and inspires a trend of similar restaurants across the country. But their radical lifestyle instigates the authorities. Their demise is spectacular, but Yod’s spirit lives on.


The Secret Source:
The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages
by Maja D’Aoust and Adam Parfrey
Process Books, 2012

Whence did the “Law of Attraction” emerge?

Here is a fascinating and easy-to-understand breakdown on esoteric metaphysics and its odd path to modern day cult. The Secret Source is enhanced by striking visuals largely taken from rare sources housed at The Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles.