First stop of the Feral House tour takes place at Powell’s Bookstore on West Burnside, Portland on Thursday May 3. Adam Parfrey will give a visually enhanced talk about secret brotherhoods and Ritual America at 7 pm, and Peter Sotos will discuss his time with Jamie Gillis and the production of his collaborative Pure Filth book that just arrived from the printer.

Throughout the month of May Powell’s will also have a month-long exhibition of fraternal art and weirdness from Parfrey’s collection.

The Feral House tour moves to New York, when Parfrey and Sotos appear at Spoonbill Books in Williamsburg at 7 pm on Monday May 7.

On Tuesday May 8 at 7 pm Sotos and Parfrey mix things up at St. Marks Bookstore, Manhattan.

The last appearance of Parfrey and Sotos together was more than a decade ago with the publication of Apocalypse Culture II, which is currently unavailable due to bans by printers nationally.

In the month of June, Stories of Echo Park, Los Angeles, will devote its bookstore to a month-long Feral House / Process Media celebration, with appearances from many FH and Process authors throughout the month. Authors Craig Heimbichner and Adam Parfrey of Ritual America will also appear at a fabulous Moose Lodge in Glendale, CA that month.

Keep watch!

We hope to see y’all soon!