Just to let our Feral friends know that we’ve had great fun with the forthcoming David Bowie and Lemmy (Motörhead) Kilmister coloring books. We had great contributions both from professional and amateur artists. The Bowie and Lemmy volumes will be available for sale in September of this year.

The success of these two titles has inspired us to release two further coloring books for the following  publishing season:

One will be PRINCE and the other the Greatest One, MUHAMMAD ALI! Both Prince and Ali have led significant and influential lives… There’s a hell of a lot to draw from for coloring book pages.


We’re now open for contributions for both coloring books!

As with the Lemmy and Bowie books, we will pay a $50 fee for every accepted image for either the Prince or Muhammad Ali editions. You can send in as few as one image, or you can have us look at as many as four images for each title.

Here are the guidelines/requirements for future coloring books:

1) The final printed art is 7.5″ wide by 10″ tall
2)  Line Art. Coloring books are composed of line drawings that invites people to color in the images…
3) For reproduction purposes, please scan the images at 7.5″ wide by 10” tall. The line art work should be scanned at a minimum of 600dpi up to a maximum of 1200dpi.

4) Line art should be an image that is 100% black line–there should be no tone. Save the final file as a .TIFF at no lower than 600dpi
a.) if you scan your photo in at a lower resolution then stated, it will need to be rescanned at the proper resolution.
b.) if you scan your image in at a considerably smaller size than 7.5″ wide by 10″ tall, and try to compensate using Photoshop, your image will be un-useable.

c.) When you’ve finished your entries, send us an email <submissions@feralhouse.com> with your questions or art example(s) and we’ll respond back within four weeks.