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Ah, June. Time to indulge in all the Dionysian pleasures of the summer in hopes that Pan will make a fleeting yet meaningful appearance. Throw off your inhibitions and read on!
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Sin-A-Rama co-editor, Astrid Daley-Douglas on her love of pulp…
My research into pulps has centered on the artists who produced the outrageous covers. They painted tawdry scenes so imaginatively with such bright colors that the viewer was immediately drawn in. In many cases, the artists were unknown. I was determined to discover the true identities of those unknowns. It became a bit of a quest. It was fun to play detective and then share my findings with the community of collectors who were fascinated with the stuff.I haven’t read many of the actual stories, although I’ve read bits and pieces of many books. The 50’s and 60’s were an awesome time for illustration art. Most of what I’ve collected has focused on the decadently illustrated covers. My favorite cover themes include anything with a devil or the occult, hippie free love, and science fiction with a sleaze twist.I think the rampant availability of modern pornography has diminished its seductive power. Gone are the days of books and magazines being sold under-the-counter, wrapped in brown paper coverings. We’ve lost quite a bit of the mystery. I personally find the lack of buildup in most modern pornography to be a turn-off. There’s a level of outrageousness that’s always been a part of pornography but seems to have been increasingly amped-up in recent years.There’s something exciting about the lack of access–you want what you can’t have. The taboo most definitely raises the level of excitement. Authority figures saying you can’t have it, only makes you want it more. I see that all the time in the Swinger Lifestyle where I’m a professional party host. I’ve met many preachers, ex-preachers, their sons/daughters, and ‘holy’ couples who go to church the next morning, after spending the night at the club hooking up with other couples. Being forbidden only makes them want to do it more.

If we could have more mature discussions about pornography, we could get outside the binary thinking of pro/con. Pornography isn’t going anywhere, so let’s accept that and start having more real conversations about it. Then we can start asking questions about the pornography we’re consuming and how we can be healthier about pornography and about sexuality.

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Please enjoy this video highlighting the many books explored in Sin-A-Rama.
(Keep in mind this is NSFW.)

The history of Los Angeles and California is marked by cultural touchstones. Beginning in the 1920’s, towering figures wielding great power and influence bent the young city to its will. From the thinly veiled ‘Water Wars’ waged by William Mulholland to rival Spiritualist movements, Manly P. Hall loomed largest of all.As a 19-year-old arriviste from Canada, Manly Palmer Hall found his gift in fiery speech and prophecy. Within a decade, Hall rivaled Aimee Semple McPherson as the primary source for mystical visions. While many other Spiritualists limited themselves to new interpretations of the Christian bible, Hall traveled the world searching for arcane and secret knowledge originated by mystics throughout the world. Funded by wealthy patrons, Hall built the Philosophical Research Society as a repository for his collection of occult findings and a place to expand his research. Hall’s book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, is considered a lodestone of modern esoteric studies.But because this is also a Los Angeles story, Hall enjoyed a semi-illicit love affair with a devoted follower and watched as his Philosophical Research Society became a thriving cocaine distribution center under the guidance of his niece. Hall died in 1990 under suspicious circumstances and the case remains an open homicide investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.Written by award-winning journalist and tenth generation Angeleno, Louis Sahagun, Master of the Mysteries tells a story of early Los Angeles and the characters who built her.


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Backlist Titles of Note
Spotlight on: Elections and Madness

Trump and Clinton have both been compared to Hitler. But what would a modern Hitler look like? Enjoy this delightful romp through the Third Reich through the eyes of the hipster cognoscenti of Brooklyn.

Remember that though days were dark during the previous fascist regimes, humor always triumphs. As Nietzche said, “Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, parties, and nations; it is the rule.” So sit back and watch the electoral madness knowing that a new crop of punk bands will discover how to play three chords on a guitar as they pun on Nazi themes to make their angst heard. (Our fave ’80s punk band name is still Wisconsintration Camp.)

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The Donald has expressed his admiration for the management style of North Korea’s Kim family. Foreshadowing? Kim un-Trump?  Many accuse Hillary of being a modern day dictator in waiting. Heck, if either gets elected, Pyongyang may be a viable immigration option. The Ministry of Truthtravels to Pyongyang to show you a North Korea few have seen. Welcome to the People’s Democratic Republic of Fucked Up.

In all seriousness, our political and economic systems have never been more precarious. With 2 solid decades of roller coaster growth and contraction, you need to take action to protect yourself, your family, and our community. Depression 2.0 is a guidebook filled with both philosophical essays and practical solutions.Regardless of electoral outcomes, let’s not give in to despair. Living well is always the best revenge.

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