We just got through reading and absorbing a fascinating new book,  Mary‘s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace. Author Peter Janney knows the story first hand, being the son of a leading CIA operative bearing the unusual name Wistar. Photographs reveal that the Janney family were close with the Meyer family: CIA leader Cord and his Vassar-educated beauty of a wife, Mary.

The more that Cord Meyer dropped his early writerly ambitions to serve powermonger CIA leader James Jesus Angleton, the more his marriage to Mary failed. Mary began to focus on her peace initiatives, which included sexually-charged sessions with Timothy Leary, from whom she obtained LSD for the purpose of creating acid love sessions with old school chum Jack Kennedy. Apparently the president’s acid sessions inspired him to put forward peace overtures to the Soviet Union, which of course were hated by military-industrial warmongers, hastening the plots to off the widely despised President Kennedy.

If things weren’t bad enough, happy doctors visited the white house, injecting amphetamines and opiates into the president’s body, while prostitutes, mobster girlfriends and Mary Meyer, the wife of a major CIA operative came to the White House for sexual dalliances.

Less than a year after Prez Kennedy’s assassination, CIA leader Angleton personally stole Mary Meyer’s diary from her house following her murder, which was unsuccessfully blamed on a nearly retarded black man in the area.

God, what a story. A highly recommended book.