Here inside the isolated but prodigious caverns of Feral House headquarters, our pygmy-sized workers cogitate, scribble, and work phones to create books we hope that people far yonder feel are important and interesting enough to possess.

Sometimes, though, we become so focused on the minutiae of putting books together that we forget that the ultimate destination of these titles is YOU—dear reader!

And you, dear reader, might want to know what both Feral House and Process Media actually has to offer, what’s in our “backlist,”
what the coming books might be, and how to obtain them.

That’s what a catalogue is for, and now we have a new one for the year 2015. If you ask us kindly via email <>, we will gladly mail you a physical copy. Or if you’d like to see it now online, click here: Feral House Catalog
and here: Process Media Catalog

Other news: a documentary about the Process Church, based upon the Feral House book, Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgment is coming soon. See the trailer here:

ALSO: We now offer Canadian and International shipping from our online sites.

Beast wishes everyone!