Yes, I thought it would be worth the trouble. To fly all the way out from Sea-Tac airport to Amsterdam, with a momentary stop in Iceland, so I could view the original paintings of Hieronymus Bosch in a large exhibition hung in ‘s-Hertogenbosch—Bosch’s hometown– museum.


Overloaded with bizarre monsters torturing awful-looking humans in hellish scenes, Bosch’s work flipped my lid when I viewed it in schoolbooks at an early age. Since I loathe flying I got a sense of hell during my ten hour flight to the Netherlands to view Bosch’s trippy triptychs. The town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch found a way to publicize Bosch’s freakiness in a middle class shopping area, as my Iphone photo seemed to capture.


Bosch’s medieval freakiness has reminded me of the work of my long-time friend Joe Coleman. It did not surprise me to hear that Coleman’s paintings were hung in a European exhibition next to those of medieval freakazoid Breughel. On the way back home I stopped in New York City to visit Joe and his lovely wife Whitney where I was able to discuss Bosch and Breughel with them.


My recent aesthetic escapade also included a pit stop at the Booth Gallery in midtown Manhattan which is currently holding an Odd Nerdrum exhibition called “Crime and Refuge”.  Nerdrum is an accomplished figurative painter who is currently being held in Norway for committing tax crimes. The supposed crimes are difficult to comprehend. We’re quite sorry though that the state is holding such a great artist. Anyone in New York should not miss his spectacular Crime and Refuge show. Read about Nerdrum and his legal problems here:


Odd Nerdrum - Cannibals

Odd Nerdrum – Cannibals


In NYC we also attended a sales conference held by our distributor, Consortium, where we discussed our Fall season’s releases—which will be seen in our new catalogue, which will be available online in the first week of June. There’s going to be some good stuff, we promise, and hope that our Feral friends find them fascinating enough to add to their collections so we can all carry on with this business.