The spooky "opera house" in New Orleans that housed the Parfrey/Morgan show

Traveling city to city, alone, or accompanied by Feral House authors Peter Sotos and Joseph Scott Morgan, the recent Ritual America book tour felt like episodes from the 60s Maysles brothers cinema verité masterpiece, Salesman, about the horrifyingly travails of bible salesmen.

The main difference is this: Sotos, Morgan and I were not selling expensive King James Bibles. Pete was hawking a curious book (and with) Jamie Gillis and the underbelly of the porn world. I did a show on an illustrated book about how secret societies were not actually very secret and provided the background of American society. Joseph Morgan discussed his days as a coroner and death investigator, and how these jobs fucked up his mind—so unlike the television fictions that are so popular today.

Yes, our tour was all so American. A vaudeville act full of airports, train rides, bad food, tap dances, baggy pants comedian routines, and friendly people who wanted to escape their hometowns.

The cities we visited included San Francisco, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans.

We’d like to thank everyone who provided so much fun and good will on this excursion, particularly:

Patrick Hughes and Jack Boulware in San Francisco

Christina Ward in Milwaukee

Liz Mason at Quimby’s in Chicago

Dustin, Tiffany and Erika in St. Louis (viva APOP!)

Nathan, Wesley and Amanda in New Orleans

A visit to Minneapolis remains: Boneshaker Books on November 10 awaits: