On the day of the death of Christopher Hitchens, who lately became a United States citizen, was the passage of a new law in which any accused American could be jailed for the rest of his or her life without so much as a trial. In his alcohol-laden final decades, the very clever Hitchens, who avowed a love for Thomas Paine and George Orwell, strongly supported the Iraq War, a bizarre conflict that may have ultimately destroyed the American government in the way that its Afghani conflict dismantled the Soviet Union.

On this same day seven Republicans appearing in the final flatulent “debate” prior to the Iowa election argued for the mega-inflation of military expenditures. Apparently a thousand dollar wrench is more necessary than social security  or medicare.

Welcome to the Police State my friends. And may I refer you to the Updated and Expanded Edition of Getting Out: Your Gude to Leaving America, which is going to the printer next week.http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Out-Leaving-Expanded-Self-reliance/dp/1934170291/ref=dp_ob_title_bk



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