Several times a month we receive emails or letters meant for the author of a particular Feral House or Process Media book.

Just the other day an anonymous reader sent Feral House an email for author Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, and we presume it’s regarding his (and Dr. Scott D. deHart’s) book, Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas.

This Feral Friday, we share this reader’s God-like knowledge:


Dear Mr. Farrell,

The Earth has always been ‘their’ private laboratory.  They do what they want and when they want.

Earthlings are NOT the owners, masters or deciders of their fate and never have or will be. They or someone is doing that for us, whether we like it or not.

All that has been done has been done many times before. There is nothing ‘new’ but  old of origin, thoughts and deeds.

Man is far older than we are told to believe.

Modern man (the higher form) walked amongst the dinosaurs and have always seen to, taken care and corrected their numerous mistakes.

Dinosaurs were a genetic mutation that went horribly wrong.

All previous sub-species of the humanoid family where genetic mistakes (Neanderthals, Australopithecus, Giganthropithecus etc.) with its continuous ongoing corrections and complications.

There is no such ‘thing’ as human evolution. All mistakes are taken care of and terminated.

Earth with its inhabitants has been destroyed numerous times by the exterterrestrials on the terrestrial plane and always to everyone’s detriment.

Sumeria, Assyria and Egypt are mere blips on the screen.  Other civilizations have preceded them many times before.

Earth’s history is distorted and fabricated to keep everyone in ignorance as the truth is deemed too horrible for current mankind to comprehend.

They have been here for eons, watching, testing and interfering in all of mankind’s affairs. Some or good some are evil, having little regard for us as we have for laboratory rats.

There are great repositories of knowledge around the earth but have not yet found them for we still do not believe much less see.

We are here now from whence we came from.

We would also like to share some of the kind words that have recently been pouring out for our two newest fall titles.

For Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult black-metal

“Dayal’s knack for a riveting, conscientious narrative – combined with a lifelong knowledge of the scene and a rare level of trust from all involved – leaves behind the sensationalism and various agendas so many authors and documentary makers have brought to bear on black metal, and treats it instead as the still vibrant and turbulent artform all genuine fans will recognise first and foremost, while still providing revelatory insights for fans both old and new.” – METAL HAMMER

It is an extremely diligent and well-informed publication that leaves almost nothing out of the history of the genre, containing many previously unreported facts and stories. This is no lazy collection of old interviews thrown together in haste. It is a modern masterpiece of the declining art of music journalism.” – NOISEY (VICE)

“It’s a fascinating overview of Black Metal written by a seriously otaku expert on the genre. At nearly 500 pages, it’s instantly the defining book on Black Metal, even a kind of minor masterpiece of the rock book form, featuring dozens of interviews with the luminaries (would that be the right word?) of the Black Metal scene. I got totally lost in it. I mean, hey, who doesn’t like books on extremist musical sub-cultures?” – DANGEROUS MINDS

“If you’re a fan of the genre, this is the ultimate guide to the history and evolution of the bands and music, in the words of those who made it happen.” – ROCK STAR JOURNALIST


ye-ye-cover4For Yé Yé Girls of 60’s French Pop

“Fact: Everybody’s coffee table can use an extra dose of eye candy. Especially when it comes in the form of Ye-Ye Girls of ’60s French Pop, the new color-drenched tome that serves up style inspiration as well as an in-depth look into music history.” – NYLON MAGAZINE

“The Internet has long been the hub for English-speaking ’60s French-pop fans seeking out obscure facts about their favorite records, but finally the country’s female-side of ’60s pop has been given its very own English-language bible in print…” – CHA CHA CHARMING

“Like an encyclopedia of the movement, Deluxe’s work provides a comprehensive overview of the whole scene.” – IT’S PSYCHEDELIC BABY!

“Feral House has published a grand tribute to these glamorous singers” – DANGEROUS MINDS