Fittingly we unleash our Ritual America slide show at Glendale’s Moose Lodge this coming Thursday June 14 at 7 pm. From what we understand, women and families attend this fraternal lodge at varying times, but drinks can be ordered from the bar. This being a family instiution, no bath salts will be sold.

Further info on the event can be found online HERE.

And HERE, on the calendar for the 14th, underneath the Flag Day festivities.

From what I hear, non-Moose visitors will need the secret password. We have that password at Feral House. Please email us at for the password, and we’ll pass it on to you.

Passwords are not required to attend Feral House / Process Media author appearances at Echo Park’s Stories Bookstore. Check THIS website for further information.

You know, we love L.A. and look forward to seeing our friends and consuming Monterey Park’s extra hot Szechwan style food though censors for the state of China have attempted to censor a reprint of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s Thee Psychick Bible, and we are forced to print the book in South Korea instead. But that’s another story!