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March! Ostara. Time of spring renewal and fertility as the earth (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) returns to life. Be kind to bunnies furiously mating in your garden; rabbits give the gift of energy to those who mind these messengers of spring.
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Death Confetti-Punks, Pickers, and Transit  Ghosts in Portland, Oregon  Introducing…Jennifer Robin

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Feral House has the distinct pleasure of introducing new voices to readers.        Jennifer Robin is someone you need to know. 

With savage humor, Death Confetti features performance artist Jennifer Robin’s autobiographical sketches of Portland, Oregon, from the grunge-era obscurity of the ’90s to its current media-darling status.

“Civilization is a nightmare-illusion,” Jennifer writes, “a three-dimensional spreadsheet perpetuated by machines that hypnotize meat.”

Jennifer reflects on her early terror in Catholic school and phone calls with her far-out mother, who disclosed that her gynecologist was a murderer. In the all-too-true pages of Death Confetti, Robin remembers her life among noise musicians, junkies, and her escape from a boyfriend who insisted on reviving the lives of hundreds of deceased fruit flies.

Death Confetti jolts the senses, and lingers like a mosquito bite to the Portland of everybody’s soul.

“Jennifer Robin is a freak magnet and she attracts the oddest, saddest, most enigmatic freaks around. That may be because she’s a freak herself–a beautiful freak with big-city and back-country wisdom leaking out of her brain onto every page of Death Confetti.  Hell, it might even be the funnest time you’ve ever had with a book.”
–Kevin Sampsell, author of This Is Between Us & Bookseller at Powell’s Books

Have you seen Jennifer read her stories? You should probably watch this.
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Backlist Titles of Note

A not-so-well-kept secret is that Feral House is 75% women!
In honor of Women’s History month, here are a few of our favorite titles.

Alicia Armendariz migrated a few miles west to participate in the free-range birth of the 1970s punk movement. Alicia adopted the punk name Alice Bag, and became lead singer for The Bags, early punk visionaries who starred in Penelope Spheeris’ documentary The Decline of Western Civilization.

Here is a life of many crossed boundaries, from East L.A.’s musica ranchera to Hollywood’s punk rock; from a violent male-dominated family to female-dominated transgressive rock bands. Alice’s feminist sympathies can be understood by the name of her satiric all-girl early Goth band Castration Squad.

Violence Girl takes us from a violent upbringing to an aggressive punk sensibility; this time a difficult coming-of-age memoir culminates with a satisfying conclusion, complete with a happy marriage and children. 

Elana M. Freeland’s startling book sifts through the confusion surrounding chemtrails-versus-contrails and how extreme weather is being geo-engineered to enrich disaster capitalists and intimidate nations. A deconstruction of Bernard J. Eastlund’s HAARP patent points to other covert agendas, such as a global Smart Grid infrastructure that enables access to every body and brain on Earth, a future that erases lines between human and machine, and Nanobiological hybrids that infest and harm human bodies.

Go Ask Ogre peers into the world of a misfit “cutter” who lives with an abusive mother in the rust belt of the United States. A tailspin of suicidal depression and self-injury leads her to write Ogre, front man for the industrial rock band Skinny Puppy. Soon he receives a flood of elaborately illustrated letters and journals filled with Jolene’s most intimate thoughts from her most painful secrets to hilarious observations and lucid realizations about her life and those around her.

At a concert, Ogre confides to Jolene that he has saved all her letters. Nine years later, a box from Ogre arrives at Jolene’s door. Re-examining the documents, she realizes that writing these letters had saved her life.

Go Ask Ogre compiles Jolene Siana’s actual letters, artwork, illustrations, and ephemera into a unique and powerful story of an extremely troubled teen who made it through the worst years of her life, and, through the power of music and art, transformed herself in the process.

This Election cycle…crazy, huh?  Maybe choosing a leader based on penis size would be a much more efficient way to go about the People’s Business.  This month’s selection of our informal ‘Electoral Book Club’ is the first title published by Feral House.Apocalypse Culture has, in perfect hindsight, become the sadly prescient text of our current age. Read it and weep for your future.

DUDE!  This is the best battlevest we’ve seen in a long time.

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